PopUp Holodeck

“Koshu VR” is an example content to show the potential of our prototype for a mobile Holodeck. Using a Tango phone and its insideOutTracking we are able to let users walk in virtual environments without external sensors. So it is possible to set up a walk-space within seconds (16 to 100 squaremeters and more). With our rotation system endless virtual depth and height is walkable in the limited space of a real room.

Content and Story: Koshu VR is based on the world of “Koshu”, a graphic novel which will be published in 2018. Different tribes have united their huge animals as a carvan to fight the deadly way through the desert. The user starts as one of the poor sandwalkers, which is the lowest hierarchy. He gets the mission to climp up to the top and visit the leader of the tripe. On the way he realizes that he is the choosen
one, who has to save the huge animal from dying.
3d printed parts were added.